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Development Support

Blended Power provides a variety of project development services to help companies grow and manage their renewable energy pipelines. Clients have access to our development team providing resources, experience, and technical knowledge to get projects built. Our services span the entire development process although we specialize in early stage projects and project due diligence. Take a look below to see some of the areas that we can help your company.

Site Selection

Site Identification

Site Evaluation

Interconnection Application

Surveys and Studies

Financial Model

Indicative Design

Early Stage

Interconnection Agreements


Mid Stage

Permitting Applications

Interconnection Studies

Tax Agreements

Late Stage


EPC Contract

Project Controls

Site Evaluation

To provide our clients with an overview of their project, Blended Power developed a report that summarizes GIS, real estate, permitting, engineering, and interconnection. The report provides a detailed analysis of potential project risks early in the process and allows for a direct comparison between multiple projects. The site evaluation report can be shared with any stakeholders to provide all parties with a complete understanding of a project. An example site evaluation report can be downloaded by clicking on the report button below.

Technical Services


  • Analyze hundreds of interconnection points and filter for locations with the highest surrounding buildable area

  • Identify target landowners using buildable area analysis

  • Develop maps for use in interconnection and permit applications


  • Create preliminary site layouts and energy models based on standardized equipment

  • Optimize site layouts and energy models using key factors and client equipment requirements

  • Review engineering reports including geotechnical and hydrology


  • Contact local jurisdictions to determine required permits and application processes

  • Use software to identify potential species and environmental issues early in development

  • Create supporting material for permit applications and file applications with jurisdictions


  • Identify nearby queue projects that may have an impact on a project

  • Coordinate interconnection queue applications with all stakeholders

  • Research new transmission projects

Financial Modeling

  • Develop preliminary financial models to obtain initial PPA estimates

  • Estimate returns for standalone energy storage projects using various revenue models

  • Generate complex financial models for project financiers and off takers

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