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Project Acquisitions

Blended Power assists clients with identifying, reviewing, and acquiring renewable energy projects. We use a variety of data sources to efficiently identify projects in development and provide our clients with a detailed analysis of each project. To ensure our clients are not wasting resources on difficult projects, we focus on reducing project risk with all of our analysis.

Project Identification

Blended Power identifies projects at all stages of development by combining interconnection queue data, land records, corporate information, and local news. This process can be done at a county, state, or even regional level and provides our clients with a complete picture of project acquisition opportunities. Some of the characteristics we can identify include:

  • Parent Company

  • Project Name

  • Land Owners

  • Location

  • Interconnection Studies

  • Interconnection Costs

  • Buildable Area

  • Permits

  • Constraints

  • Project Risks

  • Competing Projects

Due Diligence

Once a contact has been made with a project seller, we provide a detailed 3rd party review of project reports and other information.

  • Analyze interconnection queue results and power flow models

  • Evaluate environmental, cultural, and engineering studies

  • Examine buildable area and potential constraint issues

  • Assess or create financial models

  • Develop a risk matrix

Bid Support

To assist with project acquisitions and bids, we create indicative financial models or review existing models. This includes gathering required inputs like EPC estimates and regional PPA prices, developing optimized energy models, and examining various pricing scenarios.

Project Example

We created some examples of projects found using our site identification strategies. The example highlights projects in the queue in Brazoria County, Texas (ERCOT). Each slide includes key details including the buildable area of the sites identified through land records. Use the buttons on the side of the picture to navigate to other examples.

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